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 100% Operational

BinArc’s operations remain unaffected by COVID-19. We deliver almost all of our solutions without the need for anyone—us or our clients—to be on site.

Our COVID-19 Response

BinArc is providing free Microsoft Teams demos to support first responders and remote work teams.


Customized IT Solutions for the Public and Private Sectors

BinArc is a Microsoft Certified Partner delivering customized, agile IT solutions that help organizations of all types operate more effectively, efficiently, and securely—both on site and remotely.

Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the client’s needs. From a short-term upgrade to accommodate a new practice area for a local law firm, to a multi-tiered computing environment integrating a mix of cloud and on-premises platforms for a U.S. government agency, we strive to optimize our clients’ IT portfolios at every opportunity.

And to ensure that we maintain unparalleled project management and subject matter expertise, we insist that our team of developers and consultants be comprised entirely of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Cybersecurity– Federal and Private SectorIT Audits/AnalysesCloud and On-Premises  Business Solutions

Open-Source Software Security and ComplianceCrisis Resolution and Ad Hoc Expertise

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What’s New

Recent Successes

BinArc designed and implemented a strategy to securely and seamlessly migrate some 6,000 email accounts to the cloud for the U.S. Department of Education

We’re Expanding!

BinArc has teamed with SCANOSS to provide the best in open-source software security and compliance.


Cybersecurity – Federal and Private Sector

Cybersecurity remains a vital concern for virtually all organizations, requiring relentless innovation and agility to thwart growing and increasingly sophisticated threats.

Our experts can help you identify the full spectrum of IT security concerns and design and implement a solution to bring you peace of mind.

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IT Audits/Analyses

We also employ multi-disciplinary teams to analyze your overall IT environment and devise a roadmap for maximizing operational efficiency and security.

All of our developers and consultants are required to maintain individual Microsoft professional certifications. In addition, our team includes certified security professionals and enterprise architects, as well as virtualization and cloud experts.


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Cloud and On-Premises Business Solutions

We design and implement scalable, “future-proof” solutions to seamlessly boost your entire operation to the next level.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner with more than 20 years of experience delivering enterprise and cloud solutions, we leverage the global Microsoft ecosystem to bring you the latest IT strategies and tools.

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Open-Source Software Security and Compliance

BinArc has joined forces with SCANOSS to assess your open-source software security and compliance needs and develop or augment policies to protect you against an array of often neglected—but potentially devastating—legal and regulatory risks.

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Crisis Resolution and Ad Hoc Expertise

BinArc can step in to mitigate various risks to your IT project plan—or tackle a sudden crisis that threatens to bring your entire operation to a standstill.

From providing analytical support to bolster your project plan, to quickly resolving an organization-wide email outage, you can count on us for the right mix of expertise and tools to get the job done.