Application Security

Protect your enterprise users and applications against threat actors

To stay competitive, you need to keep your web and mobile applications on the leading edge. BINARC will help you build, run, and maintain applications with end-to-end development and operations security. We enable accelerated application release lifecycles with improved security across the entire operational environment. Further, we will integrate your entire security posture into a comprehensive DevSecOps program.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Protect digital assets, maintain compliance, and deliver bottom-line business value

A coordinated strategy is necessary to address fluctuating regulatory requirements, risk management needs, and ongoing governance. BINARC’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services are designed to help you build a thorough security governance structure and ensure that you have the right security controls.

Security of Network, Endpoint Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technology (OT)

Prevent and respond successfully to growing cybersecurity threats with a fortified endpoint infrastructure

An effective endpoint security strategy must continually be adapted to protect against the endless attempts by hackers to compromise systems. BINARC helps you protect the integrity and your network, endpoint, and IoT systems and data with industry best practices, proven methodologies, and exceptional security expertise.

Identity and Access Management

Deliver secure enterprise access anytime, anywhere

The technology making our lives easier also poses new security risks for your IT team associated with IoT, virtual workspaces, Bring Your Own Device policies, and cloud computing. Further complicating matters is the ever-increasing ingenuity of phishing and hacking scams that put user identities at risk. We can help.

BINARC provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) expertise to safeguard digital identities throughout the entire security value chain of access, data, and application security.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Recognize and manage vulnerabilities to successfully manage risk

Even the best cybersecurity strategy will fall short without a long-term plan and ongoing efforts to identify and address security weaknesses. It is vital to keep informed of persistent threats and maintain compliance with changing regulations in order to successfully and consistently mitigate risk.

Our threat and vulnerability management services include root cause analyses to help you continuously identify, assess, classify, remediate, and remedy security weaknesses. We work with you to address potential flaws in policy, process, and standards to overcome all potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Mitigate incidents and minimize impact on your enterprise

Quickly identify and respond to security incidents

Successful incident response is key to an effective cybersecurity protocol, as proper recovery efforts can make the difference between mitigation and crisis. BINARC works with you to prepare for and resolve security incidents with both speed and accuracy. We help you proactively attack the problem by analyzing log data to determine impact and instituting mechanisms to ensure the preservation of crucial forensic evidence.

We provide phone support, on-site assistance, malware analysis and reporting, responsiveness testing, and analysis reports to help you understand and address gaps in your preparedness plan.

We also assist organizations with obtaining Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorizations to demonstrate that they comply with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) security standards and requirements.