About Us

Since 2010, BINARC has continued to provide exemplary IT professional services to public and private sector clients in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

We specialize in Microsoft’s core technologies, perform Active Directory optimizations, Unified Communications migrations (Exchange, Teams), Virtualization and Cloud migration strategies.

Our experienced consultants work in Agile environments and are committed to continuous adaptive service delivery.

In a world moving toward IT solutions designed to maximize efficiencies and leverage the economy of scales, cloud computing and virtualized infrastructure are the latest technological frontier.

BINARC helps clients reduce reoccurring costs through the deployment of this technology. Our enterprise solutions enable our clients to take ownership of the technology solutions and infrastructure we develop and deploy. Through documentation, training, and ongoing support, our mission is to ensure successful adoption.

To help public and private organizations benefit from the economies of scale afforded to companies who migrating their infrastructure and data into the cloud. We envision the day when cloud computing is ubiquitously adopted, and that the business relationships formed today will strengthen as technology advancements develop.

BINARC will help manage resources in an effective manner; reducing overall program risks; establish working relationships and coordination with government officials and private sector executives.

Maximizing employee engagement and commitment to deliver the best solutions to benefit customers and their bottom-line through a positive organizational philosophy. Patently helping users bridge the technology gap.

Active listening to assure that our processes are aligned with client’s strategic objectives. Civility is NOT optional. Integrity is a MUST.

Document each phase of the process to manage risk, promote clear communication and transparency, with the ultimate goal of seamless knowledge transfer to the client.

Whether serving clients in an exclusive capacity or as part of a larger team, BINARC maintains focus on our clients’ overall needs and goals. We understand that leadership does not always entail “running the show;” rather, it is understanding how all the pieces fit together to ensure a successful outcome. 


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