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Binarc’s program and project managers have 15+ years of experience in developing programs to support organizations’ strategic directions. Our consultants are guided by project management principles and are familiar with working in an Agile environment. We help our clients achieve success through collaboration and partnership.
BinArc works closely with our customers during the requirements capture process to ensure the desired features and functionality are correctly identified so Agile processes can start very early in the project lifecycle. With the use of those Agile methodologies, BinArc is then able to develop, design, test and implement IT solutions in cycles that deliver features and functionality faster, which allows our customers to begin obtaining returns on their investments quicker as well.

With the use of ITIL principles and methodologies, BinArc works with your organization on determining your needs and goals and develops plans to implement solutions that facilitate that objective.  BinArc can be a valued partner in developing organizational IT strategies, designing robust technical solutions, transitioning your organization to new operational models, achieving peak operational performance, and continuously improving those processes moving forward. BinArc can help optimize your overall IT Service Management portfolio.

Our talented team is dedicated to delivering exemplary and uninterrupted services in accordance with the mission of the organizations we support. As consultants, our program managers work in tandem with executive management to develop budget and forecast operating expenses, and reoccurring costs for the IT solutions we deploy. We document each phase of the process to manage risk, promote clear communication and transparency, with the ultimate objective of seamless knowledge transfer.

Innovation and creativity are key to our ability to help customers manage and achieve their short and long-term goals. We manage project charter objectives with flexibility utilizing an adaptive approach to minimize the risk of scope creep and additional funding requests. At BinArc, we are dedicated to helping our clients take ownership of the technology solutions and infrastructure we develop and deploy to meet their business objectives.