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BinArc recognizes that the world is moving toward IT solutions designed to maximize efficiencies through virtualized infrastructure. Through cloud strategy consulting, our goal is to help clients reduce reoccurring costs associated with the physical storage of applications, data, and communications. We support clients of all sizes to participate in this burgeoning technology frontier of cloud computing whether the organizational needs call for a cloud email and unified communications system, cloud hosted virtual server infrastructure or line of business applications hosted in the cloud.

We understand the complexities organizations confront when planning the upgrade of its legacy technology backbone or during the implementation of new IT solutions. The elegant solutions we build put clients first and recognize the value of positioning them to achieve the highest return on investment. From small organizations that require complete cloud migrations to large companies in need of hybrid solutions, we design environments which possess the elasticity necessary to accommodate expansion.

After careful evaluation of client’s existing infrastructure, and unique business needs, we architect hybrid solutions which will facilitate some level of infrastructure migration into the cloud. This approach allows the organization to maintain a level of control over its internal systems. If a client prefers deploying an on-premises private cloud, we will use virtualization and resource management tools to achieve this objective.

At Binarc, we are dedicated to helping our clients take ownership of the technology solutions and infrastructure we develop and are committed to designing an enterprise architecture to meet their current and future infrastructure requirements.